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Local Search - Optimizing for Your Local Market

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Gaining rankings for local search requires some unique optimization techniques. Following the approved Webmasters Guidelines to geo-target our marketing area. We use several online tools to help understand where the search traffic is, and then optimize for it.

The Niches Get The Riches
Here's some examples:
Plumber - Salem Water Heater Replacement
Realtor - Fairview Homes in a School District
Car Repair - Delray Beach Brake Service

In the real estate segment, we have the challenge of national brands like Zillow and ReMax stepping all over the local brokers. They can do this because they have huge marketing budgets and large SEO departments. However, we CAN outrank them by defining our niches and optimizing the site accordingly. Click here for our Real Estate SEO info.

The short cut method to more local traffic is to buy paid ads. The results can be immediate but the ongoing costs can add up over time. However, this can be a great short term marketing tool that can be run, and stopped, anytime. If you are having a slow week then you can easily run the ads for a few days. We can set up a Google AdWords campaign for you.
Also, the Bing / Yahoo search engine generates up to 20 percent of all online queries. We like it because the costs are lower and there's much less competition. Thus, generally a higher ROI.

We are experts in local search. Call us to get your project started.

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