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mobile optimization


Google offers a free tool here: Mobile Friendly Test. Check to see that your site passes. If not, you may have some new development work in your future.

Mobile friendly design is now a ranking factor in the Google Algorithm. They have a term called 'Mobile First Indexing' 

Mobile friendly design has evolved a lot over the past few years. Most any website over 5 years old probably has an issue. The latest Google compliant designs are generally efficient and easy to work with. Images automatically resize to fit the screen size.

There are still some considerations for resolving a clean page on a mobile device. We can review the code and make suggestions. You can set your Google Analytics reporting to report e percentages of mobile devices that visit your site. If you have more than 50 percent mobile viewers there may be some graphic design considerations for you.

Paid ad campaigns should be optimized by device type. Google offers bid adjustment settings for your Ad Groups. Based on reporting we often adjust the bids to keep costs down.